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Not a recipe; I wish I could make this. Since I eat chocolate much more than I cook desserts, I thought I should keep a review of the chocolates that I try.

Name: Lindt Excellence Dark chocolate, Extra Fine.
Cocoa: 85%
Country: France
Price: 3.5oz/100g for ?
Review: This is one of my standards. It has a high cocoa content but it is fine enough that it stays creamy in your mouth instead of breaking into unpleasant granules like many chocolates with a high cocoa percentage do. It also has a savory aroma where, like a mature red wine, you can’t stop trying to pick out the myriad of different scents it exudes. I like how thin the chocolate is, so you get bites of chocolate wafer instead of a chocolate boulder. The packaging makes it difficult to travel with because it is hard to rewrap.

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  1. Lindt et Sprüngli sont de la Suisse! Es wurde gleich neben vom Zürisee, in Kilchberg hergestellt.

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