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Olympic Celebration Day

The group celebrating the start of the modern Olympics

I forgot that I had restarted the blog. The WV Sports Council hosted a youth event down at the park this week and I had the opportunity to go be a part of it. They had wonderful kids there, just excited about life and excited to be out DOING. We did a two mile run/walk with a baton that the kids were supposed to hand off so that every kid got to carry the baton for part of the run. I think they actually accomplished that task, which is pretty impressive for a group of any age people. I also accomplished the entire two mile run/walk and got to visit with a bunch of the kids en route (I mostly walked, I have to admit, other than a sprint finish, which I lost). They all seemed so smart, articulate, and talented for being in elementary school still. It makes me question whether I’m still taking advantage of all of the opportunities of Learning that I have. Which I guess is why it’s good to check in with the under-12 group every once in a while.

Olympic Celebration Speech

Talking & answering questions

Relay Start

The start of the run/walk.

High Five Finish

One of the participants getting a high five from Eric at the finish.

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