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There’s a high school track 20 minutes from my house. Which is the perfect distance to be from a track. (And obviously when I say 20 minutes I mean 20 minutes of easy running not 20 minutes in a car or 20 minutes on a unicycle.) Now that I’m on the 1hr-workout-every-other-day plan the 20min warmup, 20min of ints, 20min back home is a fabulous way to start the day.

There is one weird feature of this track though… it’s entirely fenced with chain link. Which seems odd to me. As far as I’m aware it’s a public high school and I’ve never really noticed any other track being in perpetual lockdown.

Fences are only there to keep out the people who can’t climb them.


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  1. Elizabeth Hyslop Jul 6th 2010

    Go ahead and climb. BHS always had their track on lock down, but I think if I remember correctly that locals could get passes to use the track, worth asking.

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